How much is enough?

On Thursday, Governor Polis issued a stay at home order, so Jennifer and I walked around the block a few times together. We talked. We felt the warm sun on our faces. We noticed the new green tufts of grass in the neighbor’s yard. We’ll probably need to mow in a week or two. A few yellow daffodils are spreading their wings. The tulips look promising in the front flower beds at church. Will they bloom at Easter? Tim’s aging old hound walked gingerly toward us. We said, “hello” as only old friends can do. I rang the church bell twelve times at twelve noon, once for each of the original disciples and to remind myself and all of us who we follow. Amidst the cloud of unknowing, is this enough?


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Mountain Sky Annual Conference 2020 – Opening Remarks


  • There are no in-person church services right now.
  • Next week advent, which is time of active waiting starts. Since we will not be meeting in the church, consider making an advent altar. Find or buy 5 candles for the altar. We will light candles for hope, peace, joy, love, and Christ during the season..
  • December 6, all church meeting after 10 a.m. zoom church to discuss our budget and plans for next year.
  • December 11, 10 a.m. – Church conference meeting via zoom

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