A few thoughts in lieu of church

This past week has been strange and surreal with the reality of the corona virus upon us.  Empty grocery store shelves.  Take out only in restaurants.  Schools shut and churches closed.  Social distancing and elbow bumps.  Empty streets.  This moment in time might forever change how we see the world and this moment might remind us of some eternal truths as well.


Listen to the recordings of previous sermons

Mountain Sky Annual Conference 2020 – Opening Remarks


  • There are no in-person church services right now.
  • Next week advent, which is time of active waiting starts. Since we will not be meeting in the church, consider making an advent altar. Find or buy 5 candles for the altar. We will light candles for hope, peace, joy, love, and Christ during the season..
  • December 6, all church meeting after 10 a.m. zoom church to discuss our budget and plans for next year.
  • December 11, 10 a.m. – Church conference meeting via zoom

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