2nd Sunday of Easter during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Last Sunday my mom and I were driving to Cortez to see a friend in need. Just past the west side of Mesa Verde hill, we saw a barefoot woman running hysterically down the shoulder of Highway 160. She was crying and flailing her arms in the air. She stumbled and weaved as she ran, pure terror. A car was parked behind her and I thought she might be running for her life from whomever was in the car.

My stomach tightened in a ball and I gripped the steering wheel harder. What should I do? I turned to my 81-year old mom and asked, “Do you think we should stop? And, if we do stop should we give her a ride if she needs one?” I was not for sure, but intuitively I thought she was fleeing a domestic violence situation. The parked car behind her concerned me. Her life could be at risk and if we stopped our lives could be at risk. We could call 911 but by the time help arrived it might be too late. And, I had concerns about the coronavirus as well. Would we want a frantic, barefoot stranger riding in our car?

What was our best response?

Many of the stories of Jesus tell about him being moved with compassion. Marcus Borg in his transformative book, “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time” says, “For Jesus, compassion was the central quality of God and the central moral quality of a life centered in God.” Compassion is feeling the suffering or the pain of someone else and being moved by that suffering to do something. “To be compassionate is to feel as God feels and to act as God acts in a life-giving, nourishing,” and generative way. Frank Rogers says compassion is the heartbeat of humanity that restores life, and Jewish rabbis and scholars believe the ethic of compassion is the essence of the Torah.

Jesus lived compassion. He touched the lepers and the blind. The hungry moved him with compassion. Jesus drew close and healed the man with unclean spirits. He forgave the thief on the cross. He listened intently to the woman at the well.


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  • Tuesday, 6:30 P.M., Youth group meeting in our sanctuary.
  • Sunday, March 14. All church meeting after zoom church.
  • Pilgrimage Walks. Friday March 19, March 26, and April 2. Time to be announced later.

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Tandana building project updates

December 19, 2020

Dear Tandana Friends and Supporters,

The construction has officially begun for the health center!  The contractor, the masons, and some residents of Sal laid out the corners and built a water reservoir to store water for mixing cement and for other purposes throughout the construction. In some of the attached photos, you can see the piles of stones and sand that have been brought to the site.

January 14, 2021

Dear Tandana Friends and Supporters,

Progress continues on the construction of the health center.  The inspector recently visited again and made some valuable observations about the height of the ceilings.  I'm attaching some photos so you can see how it's going.  Thank you so much for making this project possible!

February 26, 2021

Dear Tandana Friends and Supporters,

I wanted to share some recent photos showing the progress on the construction of the health center. As you can see, construction is going well, and we are very excited for the end result!